Friday, March 21, 2008

You've got your Daft Punk in my Notre Dame!*

Who says music and sports don’t go together? Not the kind folks over at the Pasta Primavera blog, apparently. On the contrary, they’ve taken the excitement of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and crossed it with their love of music. The result is an exciting bracket of 64 entrants where each Tourney team is paired with a musical artist of “equal caliber.”

I love the idea behind matching an artist with the team that most represents them, and vice versa. The choice of Spoon/Texas is probably a happy accident as much as anything, but it’s a great pairing. Some seem a little questionable (Cat Power is a 13 seed?), but I’m letting it go.

Also awesome: They’ve posted an mp3 for every artist. (Don’t forget to support the ones you love by buying their stuff.)

Check the first post here, with other regions covered in subsequent posts.

Man, that !!! win over Andrew Bird in OT this morning was awesome.

* Yes, that’s another candy reference.

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