Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Reduce, reuse

Let’s say you need to create a website for your agency. This site must have some basic information about the agency, of course. It also needs to be able to show your work—print, TV and web. And don’t forget about all those mentions in the press.

In addition, you want the experience to say something about who you are. To show, not tell, that you’re part of the move toward more transparency in business. No secrets. Open kimono.

At some point you might realize that all the stuff you need to have on your website already exists elsewhere on the web. That being the case, if you’re Modernista your new site simply accesses this pre-existing stuff in a simple, elegant way.

I’m pretty blown away by the coolness of this “site.” The interface is great and totally minimal.

Go to the work section and select TV and you’re redirected to YouTube. Select Print and suddenly you’re on Flickr. Web,

As the Denver Egotist said, it must be visited to be fully appreciated.


Anonymous said...

You did NOT just appropriate "open kimono". You did. You have no shame, none, I tell you. You know who this is.

Mark Hall said...

I’m assuming you intend definition 3: to take or make use of without authority or right.

That seems a little harsh. “Open kimono” is a phrase that neither you nor Mr. Davis coined. It’s part of the common vernacular.

And besides, in the new economy we’re no longer defined by what we own, but by what we share. So consider it a sign of your enriching the lives of others. I’ve just helped you pay it forward.

Thanks for your comment.