Friday, October 10, 2008

The transient meaning of Obama art

Darryl over at Brand Flakes For Breakfast posed a compelling question today, namely, “What happens to Obama art if he wins?”

Darryl writes:

If he loses the election, his art will live on as a remembrance of what could have been. Hope that didn't manifest itself. The art would retain all of the emotional value that it holds today.

But what if he wins? Six months, twelve months into his term - will people still view his artwork as the inspiration that it is today? JFK crossed into the pop culture icon territory. While he was President. Families proudly hung his photo in their homes.

So...if you're hanging a Hope poster in your apartment today, would it still hang a year from now if Obama is President? Is it possible for a President to cross over to pop culture icon...again?

I had a similar thought while considering the purchase of an Obama T-shirt the other day. The shipping was 6 – 8 weeks, and with the election only 4 weeks away it seemed I’d missed the window of opportunity to show my support for the candidate (via my torso, anyway).

Is there a point to wearing an Obama shirt after early November?

If he loses (heaven forbid), wearing an Obama shirt would would be a symbol of undying idealism; an inability to reconcile hope with reality. If he wins, it would be like saying “I told you so.” I fear I’d despise myself the way I despise those sports fans who wear their team hat and jacket the day after the big victory.

Do these make the same statement?*

* Besides "Ryan Philippe seems like a bit of a prick"?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

for me its owning a part of history.
its a memory.
i might not tout my tee in public
for the world to see in the coming years,
but i will love it even more when the shoulders wear in and the cotton thins.
i will look back and think how lucky i was
to feel the energy and emotion of such an exciting race.