Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thank God it’s Thursday’s song of the day

I am a big fan of David Bazan.

The music blog It's Hard To Find A Friend announced on Friday a new Bazan project called David Bazan: Alone at the Mic. It is, according to the site,

a DVD in which you can basically spend a few afternoons with David, watching him play songs (old and new) in his Home Studio, drive around Seattle in a Ford Bronco playing and singing (like a Minstrel), being interviewed on his front porch, and other things of a generally fun and personal level. Think of it as stalking someone, but with HD cameras.

They’ve got a bit of footage as well as today’s song of the day (I’m taking tomorrow off work so you get it a day early again), which is a new tune entitled “How I Remember.”



Anonymous said...

I can't wait for that DVD. I'll let you borrow it when I'm done. Shall I just leave it on your Mom's bed stand?

- BM

Anonymous said...

Your music blog has too much advertising shit on it.
With love,