Friday, September 12, 2008

Thank God it’s Friday’s songs of the day

That’s right, friends, songs. As in plural. Two songs this week. Why? Because I’m awesome and I like you.

First up is a song Brian alerted me to. It comes from the recent collaboration of Kaki King and the Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle. They’ve finished a six-song EP entitled Black Pear Tree, including this track, “Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is in Another Castle.” The title comes from the Super Mario Bros. video game and, according to Darnielle, the song is written from the perspective of Toad.

As Brian wrote me, “Mt Goats + Kaki King + Super Mario Bros = Awesome. Even if you know or care nothing about video games this is a great tune. Also I love the pairing of JD's melancholy voice with the loving/optimistic
voice of King.”

Fair enough. Let’s check it out.

Song number two is completely different.

Kings of Leon’s fourth album, entitled Only By The Night, comes out later this month. I know some people who have a hard time with how this band has evolved, going so far as to say last year’s Because Of The Times was an embarrassment. These people are stupid.

Yes their first two records were awesome, but you have to let a band grow. We don’t want all artists to play the Ramones card, do we?

I’ve always felt that KoL were a bit like rock bullies: consistently intense and exuding a sense of danger even on their quieter tunes, which often hint at sonic power even when it’s not delivered.

I’ve heard a few of the songs from the upcoming release (in stores on September 22nd) and I really like the sound of this record. For today, I’m sharing the album’s opening track, “Closer.”

Enjoy, and happy weekend.

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Brian said...

Damn you Mark Hall for making me like a Kings of Leon song.