Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The show that almost was

I was excited back in May to learn that My Bloody Valentine had reunited and was coming to New York to play two shows in September. Loveless is a great record and I hadn’t had a chance to see the band during their early ‘90s heyday.

I was bummed—just a few days later—to learn that both shows had sold out quickly and I was without a ticket.

I was hopeful about a month ago to find a pair tickets for sale online that were less than $100 a piece.

I was excited at having my bid of $140 for the pair of tickets accepted by the seller.

I was bummed to learn I was going to have to attend a two-day meeting in Minneapolis, the second day of which would the same day as the MBV show I had tickets for.

I was happy to learn the second day’s meeting would end at noon and I’d be able to make it back to New York in time for the MBV show.

I was bummed, sitting for two hours on the tarmac in Minneapolis as we waited for a storm to pass, as I did the math and realized that once we got to New York I’d be able to grab a cab and get to the venue right about the time the show would let out.

I guess some things aren’t meant to be.



Anonymous said...

That's the most depressing post I've read in awhile.

- BM

Anonymous said...

Evil, evil Tarmacs! - DY