Friday, August 1, 2008

Sure he’s handsome, young, charismatic, athletic, inspiring and erudite, but…

Today over at I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better, Ben posted the recent John McCain campaign ad that attempts to weaken the public’s love of Barack Obama by showing how loved he is. Or something.

Oh, and it attempts to get some Britney and Paris celebrity stink on him via simply image association.

As Ben said, the ad seems decidedly unhelpful for the McCain camp since it’s based pretty much on asking a few “tough” questions while showing Obama in a very flattering light (emphasis on the flattering light).

This afternoon,’s political ticker announced a new McCain ad that calls Obama “The One.” Here it is:

Is the McCain camp insane?

One would assume Obama’s ads (of which I’ve seen none; are there any?) would promote Obama as the right guy for the job. McCain’s ads are at least partially—if not mostly—about how everyone believes Obama is the right guy for the job.

Wait, what?

Obviously the McCain camp’s strategy is to illuminate what they see as a baseless passion that surrounds Obama and then ask whether or not he really has the ability to lead. But they spend so much energy promoting the Beatles-esque excitement encircling Obama that the McCain ads become Obama ads.

Epic fail.

These ads don’t cause me to question Obama. If anything, they make me want to go to an Obama rally.

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