Monday, August 11, 2008

More on the MGMT show from a few weeks ago

Just to follow up on my review of that show, for anyone who’s interested, the blog This Stuff Is Interesting posted some really cool photos of the day taken by Bao Nguyen, including this one of the line outside…

And this one of the vibe inside.

See more of Nguyen’s really awesome photography here.

Impose posted a review of the show that tells the story of that insane line. “When someone writes the history of McCarren Pool’s all-too-brief career as a mixed-used performance space… chapters should be dedicated to the line that formed in anticipation of Sunday’s MGMT show.” They’ve also got a less artistic but more accurate photo of the now legendary queue.

Heart on a Stick had a not-so-complimentary review of the show here. I think it’s a valid version of the day.

And the Gothamist has probably the best shot of that line.

Hey, did I mention the line to get into that show?


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