Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thumbs way up

One benefit of moving to a new place and not knowing a lot of people (and not having a job or a TV) is that you get to see plenty of movies. Since moving to New York three weeks ago I’ve seen five films. This is surely a record for me. The best part is that they’ve all been good. Recommendable, even. Here’s the recap, in order of my viewing (because I know how you like the details):

Hear And Now. I saw this documentary at its HBO screening, thanks to my roommate. Very touching story about the filmmaker’s deaf parents who decide to undergo cochlear implant surgery pretty late in life in hopes of being able to hear. Website here.

Glass: A Portrait of Philip in 12 Parts. I wrote about this a couple weeks ago.

Iron Man. What can I say that hasn’t been said? Great summertime fun and Downey Jr. is perfect.

Priceless. A great old-fashioned comedy, and funnier than I expected. Audrey Tautou shows she’s much more than Amelie. Here’s the French trailer (the American one is simply awful):

Reprise. The debut film from Norwegian director Joachim Trier, Reprise delivers exactly what you look for in a foreign film (those of you who go for foreign films): subtlety, innovative storytelling and characters we can believe since we haven’t seen the actors in a dozen prior films (not to mention US Weekly). Oh, and subtitles.

If these last two make it to a theater near you, I highly recommend you go.

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