Thursday, May 15, 2008

More on what’s old is new again

I wrote a couple months ago about the growing joy that seems to come from handmade or low-budget-y things when they’re coupled with the web. Here are a couple more things that kinda fall into this camp. Or do they? Either way, they’re cool.

The first is a video that’s made the rounds already, but it’s timely (for this blog) given yesterday’s post. (Couple it with the presentation from Paul Isakson I posted a while back and you’ve got a good primer on social media and today’s marketing landscape.)

It’s also an interesting corollary to Malcolm Gladwell’s article, In The Air, in the latest New Yorker. Gladwell’s article is partly about the myth of innovations as rare gems delivered the minds of individual geniuses—like Athena, springing fully formed from Zeus’s forehead—and partly about the power of having a bunch of really smart and engaged people gather to brainstorm on a topic. (“Really smart” and “engaged” being the factors that lead to successful brainstorm sessions, unlike those that the guys at Brooklyn Brothers wrote about.)

But back to the interestingness that comes from the juxtaposition of the DIY-infused and modern technology. (Jeez, this is kind of two posts in one, isn’t it? Follow along, please.)

The second example is the very cool short film I Met The Walrus by Josh Raskin. It’s a little more than a year old and was nominated for an Oscar (which, unlike being nominated for a Grammy, means it’s probably good). Very cool animation to go with the audio of a renegade interview with John Lennon by a 14-year-old fan back in 1969.

Thanks to DY for the heads up on the Walrus film. Apologies for the scattered post today. Welcome to the jungle, baby.

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