Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Borrowed interestingness?

Is “Happy Jetting” (by JWT for JetBlue) any different than “Let’s Motor”?

The “Happy Jetting” campaign frames the JetBlue experience as being completely different from the one air travelers get with United, American, Delta, et al.

It’s a tactic similar to that used by CP+B and Mini, who launched “Let’s Motor” as a completely different approach to driving. Different to the point that it requires a new term, goes the thinking.

JetBlue headlines like “Flying. It’s why we created jetting” sound like they’re straight out of the Mini “Manual of Motoring” brochure. Visit to get the whole experience. Pretty fun, and executed all the way down to the T-shirt.

Follow-up question (if your answer is that they’re not different): Does it matter?

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