Friday, May 23, 2008

Thank God it’s Friday’s song of the day

What’s that you say? The French Kicks have a new album out? It was released more than a month ago? Jesus, why doesn’t anyone tell me these things?

I was doing a little shopping yesterday and heard the unmistakable sounds of the Brooklyn band over the sound- system. Turns out their new album, entitled Swimming, was made available via iTunes last month, but only came out in other formats (including physical CDs) this week.

I haven’t listened to the whole album yet, but the opening track, “Abandon,” is great. The music blog We Like It Indie quotes front man Nick Stumpf as saying it’s "by far the closest we've come to getting the sound we wanted." It’s great that even though these guys have never had anything even remotely resembling a hit they’re still putting out records.

They’re on tour now (unfortunately they played NYC before I got here) and—get this, Super Flossers—they’ll be joined on the road beginning next week by Frightened Rabbit, who have the opening slot for the latter portion of the tour. (Carr, they hit Austin on June 5th.)

Enough blather. From the new French Kicks album, Swimming, here’s “Abandon”:

And—news flash (specifically for DY)—apparently Stumpf has stepped away from the drum kit (at least three years ago) to focus on singing (proof here). Where have I been?

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Anonymous said...

You're calling us out by name now? Yikes! I'd better keep up!
- DY (aka, "SuperFlosser")