Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shout Out: NFL schedule-makers

One of the many difficult parts of being a Browns fan (in addition to witnessing the blown leads, questionable drafts and general bad luck) is not being able to see them play on TV.*

But it looks like the exciting season the team put up in 2007 has paid off. Today, the NFL unveiled its complete schedule for the upcoming season, and the Browns are slated to play on national television five times, including three games on Monday Night Football (and one on the NFL Network, which is kinda like not being on TV at all).

Thanks, schedule-makers. (Though I’m sure I’ll be cursing you later for allowing me to watch what are sure to be painful exhibitions for one reason or another.)

* Unless you wander down to the local Browns-affiliate sports bar to commiserate with other Browns Backers.


Ben said...

Instead of caring about the Browns, you could just move to New York and become a Giants fan. Heck, jump on the Yankees wagon too. - BB

Anonymous said...

I know what a Giant is, what a Yankee is, and what a Mariner is. But what's a Brown? - DY