Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Radiohead continues to be awesome

In celebration of (and/or to help promote) the release of “Nude” as a single, Radiohead has made the song’s individual elements available for remixing… by the general public!

Just buy the song’s “stems” off iTunes, import them into GarageBand or any other compatible music studio software, and turn your inner Fila Brazillia loose. You can even add your own parts to the mix. When you’re finished, you can post your remix to the Radiohead Remix website (which is as simple and awesome as the In Rainbows download site) and let others listen and vote. You can also download a widget that allows you to post your remix to your Facebook or MySpace page and counts votes you receive there toward your total.

This is genius. Much cooler than what Arcade Fire did with "Black Mirror."

Check out the site and listen to the remixes already posted.

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