Monday, April 7, 2008

Co-branding insanity!

I’m not a fan of Geico’s celebrity translation spots. They all come off as terribly stiff and not at all funny, partly because most of the “celebrities” aren’t very good on camera, and partly because the customers look so awkward when they’re just sitting there not talking.

I just saw this one the other night. Um, what?

On a somewhat related (but now dated) topic, I already commented on the Semi-Pro/Bud Light co-branded spot from the Super Bowl (which I’d still argue is just a spot for Will Farrell). But the more recent Semi-Pro/Old Spice work had me scratching my head. It’s the same spot with a different product.

Seems like some of the value of the partnership would diminished by that, no? Besides, the new Old Spice work already succeeds in delivering wacky, offbeat humor. They don't need Farrell.

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Anonymous said...

I put a logo right over your moms face.

- BM