Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No we without me

I’m no graphic designer, but I really like this logo for the We Campaign.

A great, simple execution that combines the necessary personal involvement (the “me”) into the power of an organized group (the “we”). The green… well they didn’t really have a choice there, did they? But I think it works in black and white, too. And the circle is of course a symbol of completeness, enclosure, and it mimics the Earth.*

The TV spots are fine, but I don’t love them, perhaps because the “We didn’t wait” spot (embedded below) looks too much like all the corporate spots we’ve been seeing so much of. And the Al Sharpton/Pat Robertson spot’s premise is pretty much the same as Coke’s James Carville/Bill Frist spot that ran during the Super Bowl.

But this is a post about that nice logo. Which I like. And their corporate font uses that upside-down m as w throughout.

Check out the site here.

* And M&M’s.

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