Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank God it’s Friday’s song of the day

I was just read a short blurb on PWRFL Power (the nom de rock of Kazutaka Nomura) the other day. And now PWRFL Power is the song of the day. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Here’s PWRFL Power with “It’s Okay”:

Hey look, he’s also been animatized by Esurance!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm going to say it.
That sucked.
It's a children's song. A song for children. A song for an album to be bought by new parents and played in the minivan for - their children. I'd say the right audience for this is the 5-and-under set.
It oughta be on heavy rotation in every pre-school across America.
Which begs the question - haven't the last three TGIFSOTDs been children's songs?
I can see the kiddie album now; Track 2 "Dance Dance Dance," Track 3 "Lucky Today" ... spin around kids! And after that it's nap time!
I'm all for a mellow song now and then, but jeezus-mary-joseph-john-paul-george-and-ringo!
What ever happened to - oh, I don't know - ROCK?!
I'm just one reader, but I say it time for Super Floss to THROW DOWN. It's time for riffage.
It's time for sweaty sexuality to be played at full volume.
I know it's in you, SF.
- DY
(PS - take it easy. you know I only write because I love.)