Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No sense of humor

So Dr. Pepper had a funny promotional idea. They offered everyone (and I mean everyone) a free soda when (by which I think they meant “if”) Axl Rose ever got around to putting out Chinese Democracy.

And then Axl did in fact complete and release the album, Guns N’ Roses’ first in about 17 years.

Awesomely, Dr. Pepper held true to their word. Unfortunately, the site where fans went to get their coupon couldn’t handle the insane amount of traffic and it crashed.

Now Axl is suing (read: trying to get even), claiming some fans are blaming him, assuming he was in on the promotion. It’s tarnished his image!


Here’s the story from CNN.com.

Warning: The opening sentence reads, “Guns N' Roses became Guns N' Roses N' Lawyers this week.” Ha ha! Ugh. Zzzzzzzzzz.

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