Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the advertising’s not bad either

Cool campaign (from TDA in Boulder) for Bot Beverages, which makes flavored water for kids. The work features the adventures and mishaps of three characters (corresponding to Bot’s three flavors).

The TV is simple yet mesmerizing to watch, in part because the characters speak a playful gibberish language, not unlike that of the Teletubbies. The print is similarly simple and fun. All finish with the tagline “Bot is good.”

The best part might be the website, which allows for plenty of simple but surprisingly fun interaction. You can drag and drop the characters, click on the clouds to make it rain (and bring out a rainbow), and send a character airborne by lifting and dropping his corresponding bottle. On deeper pages, the characters appear on a header bar where you can drag them and even send them sliding across the “ground” as if they were on ice.

The web copy is surprisingly direct and simple as well, even though it’s obviously written for the parent.

I’d love to know how this campaign is working for them. Some of the comments I’ve seen online complain that there’s not enough information to know what it is and who its for. I guess I feel that when the creative is this interesting and engaging, the better part of the job is done.

More and more, advertising doesn’t need to provide all the answers. With the ubiquity of the web, advertising can be effective even if it just motivates someone to search, to learn and (most rewardingly) to discover.

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