Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why brunch blows

Nice little piece found amid a section on breakfast in the latest issue of GQ, reprinted here in its entirety (and probably against some copyright law):

Why Brunch Blows

Fake-farmy restaurants! Hangovers with strangers! Long lines! Watery mimosas! Seventeen-dollar French toast! Sickly orange slices sadly dying next to overwrought infantilizing pancake concoctions on chipped china! Half your waking weekend day spent in a hollandaise haze! “Can I top off your shitty coffee?” Yes, please! Because it’s brunch. And everyone must love brunch. Because if you do not love brunch, you have a serious problem with joie de vivre and America and whole point of living with all our best friends in the city and being alive. But you know what? Brunch sucks. It’s a ritual, not a meal—and an annoying, unsatisfying, badly conceived one at that. Eat breakfast alone. Leave the house when you are ready to do something real at a normal time like an adult. Actually, it doesn’t matter what you eat or when. Just stop saying “brunch.” Stop. GQ declares brunch is over. We bury brunch. Huevos rancheros est├ín muertos. Enough. Long live the real drinking lunch: drunkch.

– Adam Sachs, GQ, March 2009

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