Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is Wendy an agent of Satan?

There’s a post over at Make The Logo Bigger today about Wendy’s advertising and the insanity of a specific recent Wendy’s commercial, wherein the VO claims the salad is “good good.” Granted, that’s an annoyingly stupid line.

Their reference clip is, as they say, “unfortunately one of those typical YouTube hold the camera up and record the TV type jobs.”

More interesting though—and the part that MTLB barely mentions—is the clip’s ending, which brings light to the evil that’s apparently been a subtle (or is it subliminal?) part of the Wendy icon for who knows how long.

It’s waaaay more evil than fast food.

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Make the logo bigger said...

Only barely mentioned because I never caught that until the person pointed it out in the YouTube clip, which is yet another reason to hate it. The thing that mostly annoys me is the way the spots talk down to people as if they’re kids.